The best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in Glendale

The best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in Glendale

The best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in GlendaleThe best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in Glendale

Your biggest enemy when learning guitar!

By Randy Garcia


When it comes to guitar, there is one thing that can totally hinder your progress as a guitar player! Whether you’re a beginner jumping in for the first time, or you’ve been playing for a few years and you know your way around the instrument, you could still be having this enemy and as a result, your guitar playing progress is slowed down!

This enemy is a negative mindset! Yes, if you believe you are not good enough to learn guitar, your fingers are too small, you’re too old to play, or WHATEVER the thought is, you WILL struggle to learn guitar. And many of the people who wanted and attempted to learn, gave it a shot and thought “this is too hard. I can’t learn to play guitar.” And gave into that negative mindset and completely gave up. 

The solution is to realize that it’s NOT impossible to learn guitar! Many people have done it before you and so can you! There’s even people with disabilities who learned to play guitar with their feet! 

So no matter what the issue you may have that is holding you back from learning guitar, just remember you do have the ability to learn guitar! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your guitar playing. Everyone has to start somewhere and even your idols were at where you are currently at! But they persevered and got passed their guitar playing problems and became the guitarists you admire!

The best solution I believe to get you past your guitar playing problems is to get yourself a guitar teacher who has already been through everything you’ve gone through and helped other students get past their guitar playing obstacles and reach their own goals. If you’re interested and want a free intro lesson click here.

To your guitar playing goals


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