The best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in Glendale

The best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in GlendaleThe best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in Glendale


  • Do you feel you don’t have the “natural talent” to play guitar?
  • Do the early stages of learning guitar seem difficult and boring?
  • Have you tried to learn on your own with a lack of results?
  • Do you want to get better at playing guitar while still having fun
  • Do you want an easier way to learn the guitar?

​​Have you answered yes to at least one of these questions? If so then continue reading. 


A very common misconception is that one must have natural talent in order to play guitar. Well, this myth is simply NOT TRUE. 

The reason this myth persists is that great guitar players can make their playing look “effortless”. You might attempt to recreate that effortlessness, only to realize you don’t know what you should be doing. 

What few people see is the huge amount of effort great guitarists put into their playing. 

Guitar isn’t something that just comes “naturally”. You have to learn the right techniques and put in the time to practice. 

But, how do you know what you should focus on learning?

What you need is someone to walk you through the entire process and show you exactly what to practice and how to practice. With a great guitar teacher, you will get results faster and have more fun along the way.

That’s where I come in. 


About me

My name is Randy Garcia. I've been playing guitar for 14 years and teaching guitar locally in Glendale for over 7 years, in addition to working with local artists and bands in the LA area. I started teaching guitar because I love helping people learn guitar and overcome any challenges and obstacles they may face. I specialize in teaching beginners, intermediates, music theory, improvisation, and lead guitar technique.  

How I can help YOU to reach your guitar playing goals:

• You will learn EXACTLY what you are interested in learning

• You will learn how to practice effectively so you make MAXIMUM progress
• I will help you create practice routines so you are practicing efficiently at home 
• We will IDENTIFY and CORRECT any bad practice habits you may have
• You will be trained to identify your own mistakes so you can CONSISTENTLY improve
• You will be MOTIVATED to continue by all the progress you’re making

I understand what it’s like to be eager to master the guitar, but to be frustrated by challenges. When I was first learning guitar, I struggled to find the ideal teachers to help me achieve my goals. That’s why I fully dedicate myself to helping my students achieve their goals no matter what!

Regardless of your age, gender, or schedule you CAN learn to play guitar!

Marco Hernandez, 19. San Fernando, CA.

Marco Hernandez, 19. San Fernando, CA.

Marco Hernandez, 19. San Fernando, CA.

Glendale Guitar Lessons

"I have taken lessons before but I would have so much trouble. I've been told by other teachers that I was 'unteachable.' I really wanted to improve my guitar playing and I eventually met Randy Garcia one day when he was rehearsing with his band. I saw what he could do and found out he teaches guitar! I asked for lessons and soon I started to improve on my speed. I also learned about scales and soloing and my rhythm has definitely gotten a lot better! What I really liked was Randy's genuine interest in helping me and getting to the next level!"

Carlos Paz, 20. North Hollywood, CA.

Marco Hernandez, 19. San Fernando, CA.

Marco Hernandez, 19. San Fernando, CA.

Glendale Guitar Lessons

When I first started playing guitar, my first teacher only taught me chords. Once I finished high school, I started taking more serious guitar lessons. Randy Garcia was my guitar teacher. I liked the format of his teaching. Every little question or concern about how to play would be explained very well. I took lessons on understanding music theory. Must I say it helped out a lot. In the aspect that I learned how to play on time and on tempo to a metronome. I even received emails from Randy on our lessons. I thought that was one of the coolest things about our lessons because it goes show how determine he was/is on helping me reach my goals! I have now even put up my own solo record."

Fred Pashapour, 42. Glendale, CA.

Marco Hernandez, 19. San Fernando, CA.

Fred Pashapour, 42. Glendale, CA.

Glendale Guitar Lessons

It's been a pleasure to have Randy as my instructor, he has helped me a lot. . . I'm really satisfied because in the beginning I really didn't know anything about the guitar. Since I started working with Randy I'm happy, I go home and have something to do and feel like I'm playing.

The Top 7 Reasons You Struggle To Learn Guitar​

1. Learning on your own. When you learn on your own you don’t get the same results as learning with others, whether it be with a teacher or a group of other like minded guitarists. When you work with a group of other musicians who are at or around the same level of playing you get to see different ways of solving the same problem you may have. You also feel a sense of motivation to continue to progress along with everyone else which only cause you to get even MORE results!

2. Learning in a linear approach. If you were to assemble some furniture you bought, such as a table, you would follow the directions and do it step by step. By that logic, on guitar, we should do step one, finish it, then move onto step two, step three, etc. This is NOT how you want to learn guitar! This method is incredibly boring and only leads to slow results and requires high levels of discipline which, quite frankly, just isn’t within our human nature. 

3. Going through the motions of practicing. A lot of guitarist are guilty of this, including myself at one point. If you practice guitar and you don’t really pay attention to what you’re playing, focus on any mistakes you are making, things that need to be improved, motions that need to be fixed or made more efficient then you will not make the maximum amount of progress possible. This is also a problem of learning on your own, or learning with an ineffective guitar teacher. When you learn on your own you don’t realize what things you need to focus on and pay attention, then you just practice in a mindless fashion and then bad habits appear which only slows down your guitar playing progress.

4. Learning to much information at once. A common misconception is to learn as MUCH possible information. This is NOT the best method of learning guitar in order to make big results. It’s not the best method of learning anything PERIOD. With music you need to be able to digest the information, understand and apply the information into your actual playing, whether it be practicing tips, songwriting tips, or a cool song section.

5. Having trouble to stay motivated while learning. This is by far probably the biggest problem with the majority of guitarists. If you don’t see progress it’s easy to feel like you’re driving around in circles and not making the best possible progress you are making. Chances are is that if you lack the motivation is also because you have a combination of the problems stated above. 

6. YouTube and internet lessons. Every guitarist has been onto YouTube and looked for free information online, however, the internet and YouTube can’t determine your strength, weaknesses and goals. The fastest way to reach your goals is to have an effective guitar teacher to determine a strategy for you and then teach you in the most effective way possible.

7. Studying with an ineffective guitar teacher. This is something that most of us face at one point or another. There are just simply a vast majority of incompetent or average guitar teachers. A lot of guitar teachers just aren’t truly passionate about teaching guitar, and some guitar teachers think that if they don’t effectively teach you, then you’ll stay with them longer and they can make more money off of you, the student. So even if you were to pay only $15 per lesson with average Joe, if it takes you five lessons to even learn the concept or lesson, you really paid $75 to average Joe to learn one thing. This is NOT effective learning.​


Why You Can Learn Guitar

Because you have fingers and you want to learn guitar. It’s literally that simple. Even if you DIDN’T have fingers, if all you had were toes you could STILL learn how to play guitar. There are quite a few guitar players who are handicapped and learn how to play guitar with their feet, and do so quite well. I also know you want to learn guitar because you are on this website reading about guitar lessons, thus proving that you have the desire and the capability to learn guitar.  Another reason you can learn guitar is the fact that learning guitar is NOT very difficult, especially when you have an effective guitar teacher who knows how to teach beginners. Someone to walk you through the process of learning how to play guitar and get results, all while having fun at the same time.    

So. What keeps you from learning guitar and moving forward? 


​​• You will receive personalized training dedicated to helping YOU reach YOUR goals

• You will reach your goals QUICKLY and EASILY

• You will see noticeable results

• You will have FUN learning the guitar

• You will open up your creative mind

• You will learn skills that will transfer to your everyday life

• And you will feel an overall sense of fulfillment and accomplishment