Beginning Guitar Articles

How To Really Get Started

Often times it's difficult to know what you should really do when you start playing guitar. This article will tell exactly the first thing you should focus on when you're just starting out your guitar playing journey!

Top 5 Reasons Why Beginning Guitarist Struggle to Learn Guitar

This Is exactly what's holding you back from learning how to play guitar and enjoy the process of learning.

As a guitar teacher the question is always asked about what to use when starting out playing guitar. In this article it will be addressed what tabs and sight reading is and which one you should start out with.

Easiest guitar riffs for Beginners to get started

Most beginners find it difficult just to get started or what song they should learn first. In this article you will know some of the easiest, funnest, and best parts and riffs to learn to start your guitar playing journey right!

Motivational Articles

Anybody can learn to play guitar, and this article will explain why you can learn to play guitar.