The best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in Glendale

The best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in Glendale

The best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in GlendaleThe best one-on-one and group guitar lessons in Glendale

Can YOU Become A Great Guitarist?

By Randy Garcia

This is a common question I hear amongst students and fellow guitarists. Many guitarists feel as if they are inadequate to become a great guitar player, as if someone told them they CAN'T become a great guitarist. Well..the truth is.. YES! You CAN become a great guitarist! A great guitarist can be determined by your own definition of a great guitarist. Whether you think being great is being able to play your favorite songs all day long, or writing your OWN songs and solos, you CAN become a great guitarist! You have NO LESS potential then any other great guitarist in order to become a great guitarist! 

That being said, what makes some guitarists actually ACHIEVE their goals and get there from where they were to where they are now? Well for one, the majority of them got the best guitar lessons they could find, but even more then that they decided they would reach their goals and then committed themselves to becoming the guitarists they wanted to become. And you can too! Does this mean you have to practice eight hours a day? OF COURSE NOT! You can get just as much progress practicing thirty minutes a day if you practice effectively and efficiently! I'm not saying you should ONLY practice thirty minutes a day, but if you're busy cause of work, school or any other things going on in your life you definitely can make your goals a reality if you want it bad enough and work hard enough for it! 

However, if you want to skip the frustration of the trial and error approach then I invite you to tell me about yourself so I can help you out with your guitar playing and help you reach your goals quickly and easily!

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