Student Feedback

Here are a few of the students I have had the pleasure of teaching and what they have to say about taking lessons with me.

Carlos Paz, 20. North Hollywood, CA.

Lesson Type: Songwriting

When I first started playing guitar, my first teacher only taught me chords. Once I finished high school, I started taking more serious guitar lessons. Randy Garcia was my guitar teacher. I liked the format of his teaching. Every little question or concern about how to play would be explained very well. I took lessons on understanding music theory. Must I say it helped out a lot. In the aspect that I learned how to play on time and on tempo to a metronome. I even received emails from Randy on our lessons. I thought that was one of the coolest things about our lessons because it goes show how determine he was/is on helping me reach my goals! I have now even put up my own solo record."

Devon Talman, 12. Glendale, CA.

Lesson Type: Beginning Guitar

"(Lessons) helped me a lot because when i got the guitar I knew nothing of it and I would practice by myself and I never did anything, but when I got help from (Randy) it made me feel good."

Fred Pashapour, 54. Glendale, CA.

Lesson Type: Beginning Guitar

"It's been a pleasure to have Randy as my instructor, he's put is time, is focused on me and has helped me a lot. . . I'm really satisfied because in the beginning I really didn't know anything about the guitar. Since I started working with Randy I'm happy, I go home and have something to do and feel like I'm playing."

Marco Hernandez, 19. San Fernando, CA.


Lesson type: Metal Guitar

"I have taken lessons before but I would have so much trouble. I've been told by other teachers that I was 'unteachable.' I really wanted to improve my guitar playing and I eventually met Randy Garcia one day when he was rehearsing with his band. I saw what he could do and found out he teaches guitar! I asked for lessons and soon I started to improve on my speed. I also learned about scales and soloing and my rhythm has definitely gotten a lot better! What I really liked was Randy's genuine interest in helping me and getting to the next level!"

Robert Leyland, Elysian Valley, CA.

Lesson Type: Beginning Guitar

"I only have praise for Randy and his lessons, he’s patient, and encourages his students to persevere, especially during the beginning stages when it’s easy to get discouraged. He motivates you to keep on trying. I started from scratch, knowing nothing about music or the guitar. With Randy, I enjoy the process of learning and practicing songs."